Hotel Rose Heidelberg



Stay more than one night and explore the beauty of our wonderful city.

1 day in Heidelberg     

In any case, you should not miss visiting our world famous Heidelberg Castle and participate in a Heidelberg Castle tour. The castle can be reached best by mountain railway ( BERGBAHN) 

Travel from the HOTEL ROSE by tram line number 23 ( every 10 minutes and travel time 11 minutes) , directly to the Bismarckplatz. There, the longest pedestrian street in Europe begins. You can either stroll through the pedestrian area or take the bus line number 31 or 32 to the University Square and walk from there even a small piece. Or directly from Bismarckplatz to the mountain railway station with bus 33 rd .Return to the city center and walk with relish on the Old Bridge, enjoy one of the stone niches with lovely views of the castle and old town.

Then go to the other side of the Neckar, right on the bridge, the serpentine path up to the Philosophers   Way. This walk is one of the most scenic trails in the world. Follow the Philosopher's Way and enjoy the views of the Heidelberg city, castle and Neckar river.  Plan on a good hours walk,  take your time, and enjoy the views. If you're going up on Philosopher's Way, purchase a postcard of the Merian Copper portrait – to see  how Heidelberg looked in 1620. When you reach the first houses, turn left on Albert-Ueberle Street down to the Neckar and then over the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge to the vibrant Bismarckplatz.

2 days in Heidelberg

Enjoy a stroll through one of Europe’s most attractive pedestrian areas and visit the Palatinate Museum in the main walking street. The museum presents many valuable treasures from the Heidelberg or Kurpfälzer past such as the famous Riemenschneider altar, various finds from the Roman period or even a cast of "Homo heidelbergensis" or Heidelberg Man found nearby the city that is over 600,000 year-old and oldest human remains.

Walk through the main shopping street back toward the old town center and stop at the University Square.  While there, visit the auditorium in the Old University and the Universitätsbibliothek ( University Library) with more than 2.2 million books, including the most famous evidence of Middle High German lyric, the Manesse Codex.

 Another interesting museum offers itself to you in the President Friedrich Ebert Memorial. There you can find Pfaffengasse 18, close to the Holy Spirit Church. Here, in the birthplace of Friedrich Ebert, the first Reich President, of Germany after WW II  you can see his life and work.

3 days in Heidelberg

For your third Heidelberg Day we encourage you to visit the Heidelberg Zoo and - if interested - a tour of the botanical garden, which in the "Neuenheimer Feld" is located near the zoo on the opposite side of the Old Town Area. Another highlight is an excursion into the Neckar Valley. Continue with a ship of the "White Fleet" (alternatively by bike, the S-Bahn or by car) to Neckargemünd or to Neckarsteinach. If you are a good walker, you can  walk up to the medieval town and castle Dilsberg which was besieged during the 30-year war. Here you have an unforgettable view of the Neckar, which meanders through the Odenwald.

4 days in Heidelberg

Hike with us here in Rohrbach on our ‘Weinwanderweg’.  It is about eight kilometers long and offers topics to include; wine, grape varieties, geology, climate, history and living culture, flora and fauna of the Region for a total of 25 stations.

Or visit Stift Neuburg. This Benedictine Abbey was founded in 1130. Connected to the monastery are a restaurant and a farm shop with a small organic brewery.

Another excursion is to the Schwetzingen Castle with  the  famous Schlossgarten .

Or travel to the Rhein and the city of Speyer, where you can visit theAir Museum, old imperial buildings and the beautiful Speyer Cathedral (DOME Speyer),officially the Imperial Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

Back to the Hotel ROSE:
from University Square bus 31 or 32 to Bismarckplatz
from the old bridge bus 35 to the Bismarckplatz
from Bismarckplatz tram line 23 to ROHRBACH MARKT.